Nathalie has started her career at Restaurant Hermitage* as a part time employee. Here she met Steven and they both got to learn each other more and more. At that moment Nathalie was still in school for her Hotel Management degree. She completed this education with an internship in America, at Chateau Elan Winery & Resort.

After the completion of her education she also started working at Restaurant Niven*. Here she was assistant Maître / Sommelier. From here on wine has always played a big role in the lives of Steven & Nathalie. The next step was Restaurant Mezger ( Maître)  for two years. In total Nathalie has over 10 years of experience in the gastronomy. 


“ Behind every bottle there’s a story : sometimes it’s a romantic story that tingles your phantasy, sometimes it’s a story that holds the expertise of the winemaker. This is what makes working with wines so beautiful.” 


After both spending years in the top level gastronomy Steven van Roemburg (Maître / Sommelier) & Nathalie Antes ( Maître) decided to start a new adventure. Both wanted to share their knowledge with others. With this big passion the decision was quickly made. The start of their own WINEBAR was realized. 


At WINEBAR Gris Sec there can be discussed about wines, but the power can be find in the way they make wine so accessible for people. At Gris Sec the wine will be picket , suited to the flavor of the guest. 


In this way Gris Sec doesn’t make a normal wine – food combination. Gris Sec makes a wine – food – guest combination. 


The result of this will be a nicely suited wine and dish at your own flavor. 

Steven van Roemburg & Nathalie Antes both have a wine education. Steven is also a viticulturist and has been working for over 14 years in the top level of the gastronomy. Nathalie has over 10 years of experience in the top level of the gastronomy. Steven and Nathalie met each other at Restaurant Hermitage* in Ridderkerk-Rijsoord and together they have developed an ambition for wine. 


For Steven it all started at Hostellerie Schuddebeurs. Here he came in contact with the high

Gastronomy. In the following 3 years he got his Tudor degree and has been educating other people as well.  After Hostellerie Steven started at Restaurant Hermitage* and worked his way up to assisted Maître / Sommelier.  This is the place where he met Nathalie.  After the Hermitage* Steven got to work at Restaurant  Niven*  as Maître / Sommelier. This is also the place where he went back to school to get his viticulturist degree. After 5,5 years at Restaurant Niven* he went back to Zeeland together with Nathalie.  Here he started working at Restaurant Meliefste as Maître / Sommelier. Restaurant Meliefste is listed as one of the more gastronomical restaurants of the Netherlands.


With this impressive resume Steven has earned his stripes in the gastronomy. 

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